Indra has implemented an IT solution to Manage and Schedule Workforces and Shifts (Workforce Management System/Manpower Planning System), named iREMAS, based on the calculus engine of the Indra’s partner “Codice Technologies” and additional Indra customization.

iREMAS, the Indra’s IT System to Manage and Schedule Workforces and Shifts

CODICE collaborates with one of the industry’s leading publications showing the value that optimal planning systems may contribute to transport companies.

Collaboration with the magazine CarrilBus
Welcome to Codice

Codice is a team of experts in consulting with full mastery of all the planning and optimization techniques. Codice has built one of the best systems currently on the market for the planning and optimization of any type of activity. This system can be adapted, just like a tailor-made suit, to any environment while providing real personalized attention, for a reasonable price.

Smarter strategies, excellent results.

With CODICE HANDLING, your bases will always be optimally dimensioned, with the adequate resources in the adequate place at the adequate timing, improving the quality of the service offered and increasing the productivity of agents and machines.

Handling Processes Optimization… Handling Processes Optimization…