ÁVILA JUNE 2018 (7-8)

Codice Technologies has collaborated with ATUC in the XXV National Congress of Urban and Metropolitan Transport organized by ATUC in Ávila.

This edition has revolved around the concept of “flexibility”, which is the ability to easily adapt to various circumstances. Are public transport operators currently flexible enough? Are they prepared to provide effective responses to the mobility needs of our metropolitan areas?

Given these reflections to which ATUC invites, CODICE has been able to show its ability to provide optimal responses to each circumstance, allowing companies to assess the necessary changes in each challenge that is presented to them from two perspectives; economic and operational.

CODICE is proud to have been able to participate in this event, contributing its advanced technology that contributes to providing advantages to its clients by increasing efficiency and “FLEXIBILITY” in the planning of their transportation services.

ATUC XXV Congress

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