It is a sector common to many companies that encompasses the area of resource management (human and / or material) of all companies regardless of the activity they carry out. Companies that carry out production activities are facing a great challenge. In times of globalization and great competition, it is necessary to react quickly and efficiently by adapting to fluctuating demand and constantly changing costs.

Our solutions solve the optimal dimensioning and allocation of resources adapting to a required production plan, fulfilling the rights and obligations of each worker, and adapting it to their abilities and preferences, thus minimizing costs for the company.

By precisely balancing the templates to cover the need for personnel required at all times, achieving greater effectiveness, reducing personnel costs and increasing production, greater job satisfaction of the staff is achieved in adapting their work plan to the needs of production and their personal preferences, affecting the motivation of workers and improving their quality of working life.

CODICE Technologies provides tools and solutions for the effective management of human resources that generate direct benefits in the company’s activity, reduce costs, increase productivity and provide more agile management in the face of market and labor changes.