public transport planning software

Public transportation planning

Software for Public Transport Planning (see video)

Now also functionalities for energy transition, Electric Buses

CODICE PT is not only a public transport planning software and now also the planning of electric vehicles, but the key to maximizing efficiency and adjusting costs. If you want a presentation of our products and services, give us the following information here.

We help our clients to solve their resource planning and optimization problems in a simple, complete and robust way, answering the following 5 questions that describe what planning for CODICE means:

  • What do I have to do?
  • What do I need to do it?
  • How should I go about it?
  • Who is going to do it?
  • When I have to do it?

CODE for everyone

Planning public transport, from the point of view of planning and optimisation of means, is not the same as dealing with the planning of a regular urban service operation as with a discretionary long-distance service. But in any case, CODICE is the perfect tool to meet your needs. The size of the fleet you manage does not matter either, CODICE adapts from small fleets to large companies with several work centers. And if you need adaptations, you will have them ready in a very short time, since CODICE has been built on an environment oriented to the rapid configuration of new functionalities.

public transport planning software


Clients using CODICE for public transport planning, see success stories

Automation and Optimization

Carrying out service planning is a complex and time-consuming task. In fact, it is recognized in the mathematical literature as one of the most difficult problems to solve. For this reason, automation of planning represents a great contribution to the organization by making the planning process repeatable and error-free. If in addition to automation we add the ability to obtain optimized planning we are providing the organization with the security of working as efficiently as possible and also contributing to the sustainability of the planet adding functionalities for planning of electric vehicles.

Optimal planning for real people

In public transport planning, cost reduction is a critical goal in all organizations and in public transport planning in general. However, schedules must be assigned to people. CODICE’s optimization engine makes it possible to reconcile these two seemingly opposite worlds, obtaining highly efficient planning while taking into account the well-being and preferences of employees.

Simplicity to align the planner with the objectives of the company

CODICE brings the planner closer to the quality indicators that really matter, providing the key analyzes updated in real time. Such important aspects of planning as being sure that the entire service is assigned, being sure that you are complying with labor regulations and being aware of the planning productivity in the CODICE public transport planning software.

public transport planning software

Agile edits

Not all the casuistry that can be presented can be covered by automation, for this reason CODICE makes available to the planner powerful tools to be able to manually modify the planning. These tools greatly facilitate the work of the planner by guiding him according to the circumstances towards the best decision. Thus, for example, the system can suggest the best candidate to receive overtime, it allows to exchange shifts with a click or to recover previous shifts of a resource by eliminating a planned absence period.

Find out how CODICE improves each planning phase

What modules CODICE has for public transport planning

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This module makes it possible to integrate the planning information obtained with CODICE with the operating aid system. This integration operates on two levels:

  • Service integration. It allows the transfer of the service calculated with CODICE for a certain period of time to the operating aid system.