The railway, despite its potential and its characteristics, has lost a large part of its market share since the 1970s. The main causes of this situation are its expensive infrastructure and the complexity of the connection. This has made some services uncompetitive.

In the last decade there has been a process of modernization and efficiency that is gradually allowing the railway to position itself as the natural alternative to an increasingly saturated road network.

The objective of any company in the railway sector is to provide a mobility service through a track infrastructure that limits in a certain way the possible origins and destinations of the services it can provide. These mobility services will be motivated by a need to transport passengers or materials that can have many different causes.

Any planning process broadly consists of transforming a mobility demand into an operational plan whose objective is to minimize the company’s operating expenses. This planning process is very complex and involves different processes that are also usually covered by different people and sometimes even by different agencies.

CODICE Technologies provides tools and solutions for all those areas that can be managed using tools for the optimization and planning of the company’s own resources.

  • Material programming area.
  • Human resources programming area.
  • Maintenance area.

CODICE Technologies makes a global solution available to its customers by offering a wide catalog of products that solve a large part of the technological needs of this type of company.