Air traffic control, also known as ATC (Air Traffic Control), is a service provided by controllers located on the ground, who guide aircraft in controlled airspaces and offer information and support to pilots in airspaces. uncontrolled. Its objective is to provide safety, order and efficiency to air traffic.

Air traffic control is a complex activity, difficult to manage, which must rely on technology and experience to manage today’s dense air traffic. The complexity is both technical and the management of human resources used. For this reason, CODICE has developed an innovative solution for resource planning.

CODICE AIR TRAFFIC CONTROL is a state-of-the-art computer system for the optimal management and planning of associated human and technical resources that ideally solves the planning of air traffic controllers in air navigation service providers CODICE ATC, allows to ensure optimal coverage of control needs, complying with the complex labor regulations that apply in the air navigation sector.

CODICE Technologies makes a global solution available to its customers by offering a wide catalog of products that solve a large part of the technological needs of this type of company.