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Urban / Interurban Public Transport

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Pedro Amaro

Deputy Director of Operations Grupo AISA

CODICE facilitates the achievement of planning objectives by simplifying the process, allowing continuous improvement and greater control over our entire range of services.
In addition, thanks to CODICE PT, we can integrate the entire planning process, from the realization of annual budgets to obtaining the payroll of our employees.”


Cost Reduction and Productivity Improvement


Response to tenders

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AISA is a family business founded at the beginning of the 20th century, dedicated to regular, special and discretionary transport. AISA operates more than 100 lines included
in 15 concessions, covering 7 Autonomous Communities. AISA’s operations cover all types of transport by road, urban, regular interurban, long-distance, services to companies and schools, and discretionary services.

The operation:

– More than 12,000,000 km planned in 2021.
– 200 vehicles.
– 3 bases.
– 4 different areas of work.
– More than 300 drivers.


Acquiring an Optimal Planning System
at AISA, he pursued two objectives:

Automate your entire planning process

From the establishment of the service to plan to daily management and integration with payroll.

Get a simulation tool

On which to rely to prepare your response to the specifications in the framework of tenders for transport operations.


The great challenge of the CODICE PT implementation project in AISA was the heterogeneity of its operation. AISA’s operations cover practically the entire possible catalog, it carries out urban, interurban and long-distance operations. It carries out regular services with contracts for different organizations such as municipalities, the Madrid Regional Transport Consortium or the Ministry of Transport, Mobility and Urban Agenda. It also performs special transport services for schools or companies. In addition, this entire operation is carried out from 4 work centers and covers different provinces of the Spanish territory, which gives rise to different labor agreements with its employees.

All this heterogeneity had to be absorbed by the same system not only to plan all the services but also to carry out the management of the employees and carry out the communication to payroll at the end of the month.


After the implementation of CODICE PT , DBUS has achieved:



Centralized planning of all its farms from its base of operations in Valdemoro.



Improvement of the daily operation, reducing the costs due to incidents.



Greater response capacity in bidding processes for new farms.



Ability to obtain real data from the operation that makes it possible to monitor incidents on the initial planning.


The proposed objectives were achieved with the support
in various actions:


CODICE PT was parameterized to respond to the heterogeneity of the operation. Different planning areas were created depending on the operation. A system of user roles and permissions was created so that each AISA user has access exclusively to the data and functionalities they need. Finally, different sets of labor restrictions were created to accommodate the different agreements in force at AISA.

Strategic planning team

AISA created a working group within its area of operations with the mission of evaluating and improving the driving shifts of each of its operations

Processing and Analysis Capacity

A calculation network was installed to take advantage of CODICE PT’s ability to parallelize calculations and thus provide the working group with maximum performance to carry out its simulations.


Total availability of a qualified support team to deal with queries and incidents of all kinds.

All these actions, together with the strong commitment
of the AISA work team, made it possible to achieve
the proposed objectives.


CODICE PUBLIC TRANSPORT drives efficiency, engagement and performance in large carriers. It integrates easily with human resources, payroll and other business applications to create the best solution that optimizes the performance of your company.

CODICE algorithms provide unprecedented cost reduction.

CODICE simplifies the planning process by automating repetitive tasks and reducing human intervention.